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At Sound Galleries we are only interested in furthering the art of musical reproduction and honouring the music.

Many of out products may appear unconventional. That’s because they were designed by people who are equally passionate about music as they are about the technology and “out of the box/lateral thinking” often results in the best designs.

I am privileged to be working with some of the most brilliant and talented people within our small High-End Audio and related music industries.

Examples include Edward Hsu who started out as a customer and went on to spearhead the Sound Galleries Music Server project with Emile Bok of Taiko Audio, who did the lions share of the engineering.

Other great people Sound Galleries are honoured to have partnered and worked with include the following:

Eduardo De Lima the founder of Audiopax and his successor Silvio Pereira

Holger Fromme and his team at Avantgarde Acoustic

Tim de Paravicini of EAR Yoshino

Jussi Laako author of HQPlayer

Enno Vandemeer and his team at Roon labs

Lukasz Fikus of Lampizator

Bruno Putzeys designer of NCore technology

Guido and Elco Tent of Grimm Audio

Markus Thomann of Klangwerk

Geoff Merrigan of TelluriumQ

Laurence Dickie and Manfred Pfenner of Vivid audio

Our friends at the press who bring about awareness and educate us all on the many great products that are out there.

…and our many friends on Computer Audiophile, What’s Best and other forums who’s tireless discussions also help to contribute to furthering the art of music reproduction.

Sound Galleries has no qualms about combining technologies originating from previous eras with the latest computer and software related advances.

Whatever it takes to serve the music to people who truly love music!


Geoffrey Armstrong

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