Sound Galleries at Munich High-End 2017

The Munich High-End show is now recognised as the most important audio show in the World.

I am very happy to report that this year has been a terrific success for Sound Galleries and it’s partners!

Together with Æquo Audio, Audiopax and TelluriumQ we were once again able to achieve a best of show award as well as highly positive write-ups from several top High-End Audio web-sites. These included 6Moons, Audiostream, High and Mono & Stereo.

To demonstrate that the Sound Galleries Music Server (SGM), does an equally excellent job at feeding a pristine signal to both DSD and PCM DACs, we alternated between the superb Nagra HD for DSD duty and the Metrum Adagio for PCM.

These in turn fed the award winning Audiopax L50 pre-amp onwards to the M50 Mono-Block power amps, driving the award winning Ensis speakers from Æquo.

Both show and trade visitors were intrigued by our use of active isolation in the form of the forthcoming Taiko Audio Tana active antivibration platforms. These were used under the source components and power amps.

These platforms require a very solid rack to work correctly and this was supplied by Audiopax in the form of their new iNFiNiT! Rack.

Visitors were equally interested in the effects of the Taiko audio active grounding blocks, which are very effective and reasonably priced.

Power conditioning was also provided by Taiko Audio in the form of a conditioner with separate floating balanced power for each outlet.

GIK Acoustics supplied the room treatment panels.  These are definitely a necessity in the pre-fabricated rooms with thin walls, in the downstairs halls where we were situated.

Here are links to the write-ups and video presentations which I gave together with my co-exhibitors:



Mono and Stereo

Moiz Audio (Norway)

We named our room the “Blue Moon Room” as so many of the components have received that coveted award from 6Moons.

Moving on from our own room to one of our other partner’s rooms, Avantgarde Acoustic put on an amazing show, with a gorgeous new 26th Anniversary, Limited edition of their famous Trio speakers.

These feature a polished stainless steel and wood frame for both greater solidity and a more visually pleasing look than the standard Trio, an improved and massive capacitor for the crossover as well as a combination Gold and Silver improved internal wiring. Together with a six bass horn XD stack, tuned to the room Avantgarde literally put on concerts to a permanently packed house.

Regular live performances were given by drummer Kafri, whom Holger Fromme literally discovered playing on the streets of Berlin.

The limited edition Trios will be available in both Silver and Gold finishes for the metallic frame parts at a price premium of about €30.000 over the standard Trios which will remain in the product line.

Bravo, Avantgarde Acoustic and Kafri!

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