Klangwerk Ella 3 has arrived

The new version of the Klangwerk Ella fully active Swiss speakers have arrived at Sound Galleries. This model is larger than the previous version with a new driver array and completely isolated amplifier units. The result using one woofer on each side for the bass, a mid-range frequency driver and a tweeter on the front panel, produces a virtual point source. In other words although 4 drivers are used per speaker, each instrument appears to originate from a single source as notes mount and descend throughout the frequency range. The advantage of a fully active speaker is of course, that no external amplifier is needed. Just add a superb digital source such as the Weiss DAC202 (also from Switzerland) or the Ancient Audio CD player and you have a complete system. A very elegant and truly state of the art system that would fit into any home with ease. The huge sound created by these speakers belies their relatively modest compact size. The precision with which musical instruments are reproduced through these speakers is a result of the intelligent optimisation of drivers with their matching amplifiers together with the enclosure design using dead neutral creanit material. Just looking at these speakers you wouldn’t believe the incredibly dramatic and life-like sound they produce. You must hear them!

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