Sound Galleries Evo has arrived!

A major upgrade to the Sound Galleries Music Server (SGM) is now available to all our existing customers at cost price plus shipping to and from base to carry out the upgrade.

As promised we are supporting our existing customers with this cost only upgrade. We are ready to perform upgrades on your SGM to the Evo edition now. Please contact us to make the arrangements.

All SGMs going forward will be the Evo edition.

The improvements to the SGM in the Evo edition are as follows:

  • Two expansion slots have been added which can be fitted with, for example: AES/EBU in and outputs (up to 16 channels, single, dual or quad wire;etc.), additional UTP or Fibrechannel networking ports, PCIe Storage, Rednet, or anything else you can think of that is available on a PCIe card. We will supply the card(s) and fit them at your request. Contact us to discuss options and our recommendations. As an example, with an AES/EBU card, such as one from RME, the SGM output may be sent directly to any DAC which lacks a USB input. With a card such as this the SGM is no longer limited to USB only output.
  • The passive (no fan’s) cpu cooling system has been improved. The CPU is “de-lidded”, which means we remove the stock heat spreader and replace it with a solid copper block. Additionally we also use the highest available quality copper heatpipes. The heatsinks were already CNC machined from a solid copper block. This means we now have a fully copper cooling system, all the way from the cpu cores, up to and including the external heatsinks.
  • We cherry pick the cpu’s we use. They are selected for operating temperature and stability. We discard a significant percentage, which fail to meet our demanding standards. Combined with our passive cooling system we can now run them on full “turbospeed”, all cores, 24/7, and still have 20-40 degrees Celcius lower temperatures than before. This remains true even at 35 degrees Celcius, ambient temperature in the environment. Operating temperature is very significant for sound quality. The CPU is the Kaby Lake i7-7700K.
  • We also select memory modules to operate under a specific set of conditions, and apply a lot of tweaking to their timing settings. 
  • The powersupply has been redesigned, with new chokes custom designed by Per Lundahl to meet our specific needs. This has resulted in a unique combination of high current capability, high inductance and low DC resistance. This is a level quite beyond what other manufacturers have been able to achieve.
  • We have adopted several new vibration control measures over and above those we employed for the original SGM.
  • The Operating System now resides on Optane storage. This change alone makes for a very significant increase in Sound Quality. You may still store your music on the standard 1TB SSD. We will be happy to discuss other storage options with you, to find the best that suits your needs. As with the PCIe cards, we can source and install your preferred storage option for you.
  • We have adopted several new vibration control measures over and above those we employed for the original SGM.
  • Finally, each SGM Evo is individually tuned to ensure they all operate at an identical high level of performance.

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