Antelope Zodiac Platinum and 10m

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One of the main attractions to our room at Munich this year was The Antelope Zodiac Platinum DAC with 10m Rubidium External Clock. The flexibility of the Platinum in terms of connectivity and it’s ability to up-sample incoming PCM signals up to 384khz and DSD to DSD256 are features both I and my customers have appreciated since it was introduced. It’s sound contributed to us winning the Golden Award of Best Sound of Show from AVShowrooms last year.

When my partner Silvio Pereira, CEO of Audiopax said “you must try the Platinum with the external 10m clock, I was a littl dubious about how much improvement it would make. The reports I’d read lead me to believe the differences were subtle. That couldn’t be further from the truth. At least in a system as highly resolving as ours, the 10m clock lifted the already fine performance of the Platinum to another level. On the Wednesday night/Thursday morning before the show opened and we were working on our set-up, at some point around 2am on Thursday morning we were all just enjoying the music making with the Platinum and 10m so much, we simply relaxed and continued to listen. We didn’t get home until 5:30, an hour and a half before we had to get up again.

The thing people have problems getting their heads around with the 10m is that it costs more than the DAC itself. It lifts the €5000 Platinum DACs price to €11,600.

I’ve given this some thought and came to the conclusion that the Platinum/10m combination really demands to be compared to DACs costing €20,000 and upwards. So natural and lifelike is the sound. Anyone in the market for a €20,000 DAC would be crazy not to audition the Platinum/10m combination. …and the 10m can always be added to an existing Platinum to bring it up to the the level of the worlds top DACs.

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