DUO Primo

Basshorn systems are a myth and enjoy a legendary but at the same time – when they are constructed too small – an ambivalent reputation. Too small dimension will inevitably cause bouncy impedance curves and a boomy frequency response. That´s the law of physics. That´s the challenge. And that´s where Avantgarde Acoustic™’s long term experience with designing horn loaded subwoofers comes into play. Introducing the DSP controlled XD-1000 amplifier module that overcomes constrains in bass horn design.

The DSP technology of Avantgarde Acoustic™ ensures that relative small hornsize and overwhelming low frequency extension does not necessarily exclude, and the DSP programming is based on our fundamental research of the electro-acoustical interdependencies of wavefronts being induced in horn funnels.

The compensation is precisely calibrated and linearized. It is determinative and predictable. It is nimble and subtle. It is sensitive and agile, ensuring that the bass response is crisp, instantaneous and without the slightest soupçon of protraction. Perfect, legendary, unforgettable.

Tall, purposeful and elegant, the Duo Primo XD communicates performance and agility. Perfect proportions with a sophisticated and desirable proposition. Each system is made to order: by skillful hands, with ultimate care and precision, employing esteem and respect to their becoming owner, taking an endless 70 days to complete.

It simply is the most personal and intense form of the unforgettable Duo experience.

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