PureLow Golden Ratio = Transparent Bass

Bass transparency


So what does transparency in the bass sound like?

The human voice is extended fully to its lower regions. Full articulation is now provided in those regions, making words easier to understand. It’s not just a matter of being able to hear the chest of a singer. There is now meaning and expressiveness in the lower regions that was previously obscured. Just take any Pavarotti recording to hear what I’m talking about. Baritone and bass male voices will be even more dramatic. Female vocals too, benefit from this added transparency lower down. Some singers whose voices you might have thought of as light-weight, convey far more power than you may have previously thought, when you hear them through the Pure-Low. Go back to your previous conventional bass/sub bass system and those voices appear disembodied in comparison, no matter how good the system may have previously seemed.

Of course, my comments on the human voice apply equally to every instrument. It is just easier to describe the effects of the Pure-Low with the instrument we are all the most familiar with.

Descending further

Once you descend to the frequencies that are more “felt” than “heard” it no longer makes sense to speak of “transparency”. With a frequency response that extends flat to 10hz; put on a cathedral organ recording and you’re in the cathedral.

Increased sense of space

Remember also that a top class bass system doesn’t just add bass, it adds space!

By freeing up the main speakers from having to produce as much bass as they’re capable of, they don’t have to work so hard and can concentrate on what they do best, middle and upper frequencies. This improves the sense of space you will  hear in your room.

In our experience this is truer of the PureLow Golden Ratio bass panel than any conventional subwoofer we’ve come across.

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Highly transparent mid-range and tweeter speaker drivers are the norm in the High-End.

From Electrostatics, Horns, Magnetic Planar, “Full range” Ribbons to Bending wave. Attempts are made to extend the transparency of these drivers as low as possible, with various degrees of success. More often than not, they are combined with conventional woofers/sub-woofers. Though this never results in lows which have the same transparency as the wonderful mid-range and tweeter transducers, they are used with.

Do we even expect “transparency” in the bass? Do we know what it sounds like? If you attend live music concerts, of course you do. We’ve come not to expect or even demand it from our systems though.

Purelow Golden Ratio is a dedicated Bass panel transducer designed for the sole purpose of producing the most realistic bass possible. Not an extension of an existing dipole panel speaker technology. Purelow Goden Ratio is assembled with the same care as a musical instrument. The result is an extremely solid and reliable dedicated bass panel, which can be successfully combined with any equally transparent speakers in the upper frequencies.

In fact the Pure-Low reaches all the way up to the mid-bass at 400hz, making it even possible to replace the woofers from existing systems, where those can be easily disconnected, as with speakers designed for bi-amping for example.

There is no built in amplfier or crossover in the Pure-Low. So the customer needs to purchase these items seperately. External crossovers do provide a great deal of flexibility though, and are far more convenient to adjust when placed in the same support system as other components, such as pre-amps and DACs. There is also far greater flexibility of placement for the Pure-Low than any “sub-woofer” we’ve come across.

With Pure-Low Bass Panels, finally our systems are complete!

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