Audiopax Model 5

AUDIOPAX preamplifiers are the only one in the world to have the exclusive Timbre Lock® feature, a truly remarkable step foward in the reproduction of sound, looking at the preamplifier role in a novel way and allowing the user to achieve the most musical performance. Several other details help the AUDIOPAX preamplifiers to contribute to the ultimate performance of the systems: the absolute lack off feedback, an exclusive and specially developed mosfets circuits with inductive charging and our diamagnetic chassis optimized for low mechanical resonances.

Extended frequency response, exceptional low level resolution, lifelike dynamics, visceral momentum and a tremendous immunity to load variations, are some of the results of these unique features.

Their inclusion in a system is often characterized as “magic”, presenting all the emotion of music. Refinement and innovations raise our preamplifiers to the reference category, being always present in any list of the best preamps in the world.

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