Audiopax Mono-Block Amplifiers are a perfect tube amplifier for Avantgarde Speakers or in fact any speaker they are mated to. They employ a unique means of automatically adjusting themselves to the characteristics of the speakers. This is further enhanced by “Timbre Lock”, an AudioPax invention which provides fine tuning of the sound to match your taste. If you love the sound of Single Ended Triode amplifiers (SET), you will love the sound of Audiopax. This is because the unique circuitry of Audiopax amplifiers perfectly emulates an ideal SET amp. There is no such thing as an ideal SET amp, because all SET amps are characterised by the sound of the tube they use (300b, 2A3, 211, 845, etc.). Audiopax amps are not SET amps, instead they allow you to find that perfect sound for you that exists somewhere between those different SET tube sounds.

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