Crayon CFA 1.2

This Integrated Amplifier

from Austria is one of our top sellers. Not surprising when you consider it has a very similar delicacy and finesse to the best single-ended triode Tube amplifiers, while being a powerhouse at (90 wpc into 4ohms, 60 into 8 ohms) at the same time.

It controls the bass extremely well as with other quality solid state amplifiers and can handle the big dynamic swings when the music demands. Its purity and capabilities in conveying micro-dynamics, are partly due to the use of software relays between inputs and outputs, instead of the usual passive components which wear out over time.

It is also the most fully featured integrated amplifier I’ve encountered for a long time. With support for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, vinyl lovers are as well served as digital audiophiles. No need for a separate phono stage to play your records. All this for just €4250 TTC, makes it a true bargain high-end amp.

From the design and ergonomic point of view, once you use the Crayon amp you have the feeling that all integrated amps should be designed this way. When you mute the amp from the remote the volume fades out, rather than cuts out suddenly. The display goes blank a few moments after changing volume or source via the remote and comes to life again as soon as you touch one of the controls.

Settings are provided to match the gain for each individual input as well as the sensitivity of your speakers.
True High-End sound with convenience!

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