KEF LS50 and NAD D 3020 A winning combination

…NAD D 3020. At approx half the cost of the LS 50’s you get a very high quality Class D amplifier and an asynchronous USB DAC which supports high resolution playback at 96khz/24bit, as well as coaxial and optical digital inputs. This diminutive little amp/dac unit is now our number one choice for partnering with the LS 50’s and creates our highest performing, best value system at under €2000. Just add a computer as a source.

The NAD D 3020 will also accept analogue sources.

In addition to all this it also has a Bluetooth aptX option. aptX is the codec which enables wireless streaming via Bluetooth at so close to CD quality it is very hard to tell the difference. It’s basically a lossless format that may fall back to lossy on occasion if bandwidth becomes limited. We have been very surprised at how good this option sounds. It’s perfect for when you want to stream from a device not situated close enough to the NAD D 3020 to connect by wire.

Come to Sound Galleries to audition this system with your favourite music.

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