Munich High-End 2015

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“Do you have a favorite room at the show so far?” asked Geoff Armstrong as I sat in his room on the last day of the show. “Yea, this one.” I replied

The above quote is from Michael Lavorgna who did a very nice write up of our room for his highly influential Audio Stream web zine.

We really appreciated the way Michael listened so attentively and made careful notes on the lead up to this conclusion.

It was one of many accolades we received from press, members of the public and yes, even fellow manufacturers. It’s a particularly important one for us though. Michael clearly appreciated the synergy we achieved between the different parts of the system as well as the marriage between the Audiopax Tube amps, Avantgarde speakers and a highly advanced prototype music server based on Windows 10 preview and HQPlayer, together with the Lampizator Big 7 DAC.

His comments have encouraged us to produce a Sound Galleries Munich 2015 music server based on the prototype used at the show.

Geoff Armstrong
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