Audiopax M50

Our M50 Monoblock is part of the Maggiore reference line. It significantly “opens the window” on the number of speakers that can be driven by an amplifier with tune-able 2nd and 3rd order harmonics.

Followers of Audiopax will already know that our unique Timbre Lock™ circuitry allows you to precisely cancel out the related harmonic distortion in your speakers for a pure crystal clear and, at the same time, naturally rich sound. The way Single Ended Triode amps can achieve with exactly the right match of amps and speakers. The tune-ability of Audiopax via Timbre Lock makes this a precise and guaranteed operation for any speaker they can drive.

The window is wider open because with 50WPC a very wide range of speakers can now benefit from this feature. Using 3 output tubes per channel there are effectively 3 amplifiers in each mono-block chassis. So even if you don’t have very high efficiency speakers, you can still benefit from the Audiopax tune-able sound.

Tube amp drive-ability is already greater than solid state. If you have power hungry speakers though, there is also the Maggiore M100 at, you guessed 100wpc, 6 output tubes per mono-amp and 6 timbre lock controls for even more precise tuning; but that’s another story.

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