Sound Galleries Music Server Launch – BMW Welt

The Sound Galleries Music Server was launched to critical acclaim!

Sound Galleries organised a special event to launch our music server at BMW World in Munich.

Here are some of the reactions we’ve received so far from people who attended our event:

You know when you find yourself wanting to take control of the remote really, really badly, things are working. This system nailed many aspects of reproduction extremely well like dynamics, nuance, detail, clarity2, and more”

Michael Lavorgna – Audiostream

The source-first-principle works in the digital domain like in the analogue domain. So all the efforts the SGM team put into this server will pay off in the future.

I visited all rooms of the Hifideluxe and nearly all rooms in the three Atria of the HighEnd. The experience of the DSD512 Fest at Friday evening easily surpassed most if not all other demonstrations of the show. It was musically involving like the playback of good reel-to-reel tapes in a well set-up system.

Thank you Geoffrey, Edward and the SGM team for your great hospitality.”

Matt and Claudia

The sound was among my top 4 in Munich, considering the prices of the others, that’s quite an achievement in my books.

Particulary interesting for me was the technical session after dinner, where we compared Redbook PCM with DSD128 and 512, each step was clearly audible with 512 being the clear winner. Especially the background noise of the Miles Davis track was far less distracting with 512 than with the others.”

Christoph & Tanja

Why did I stay so long? Simple. I didn’t want to leave. In short, the sound was that good, the people were that friendly, and the information being dispensed was that compelling.

Geoffrey and Edward were hospitable, patient with all of my questions, and happy to accommodate any request.

But I would say it was the sound quality and the reasonably priced front-end (in comparison to a system which could produce comparable sound) that impressed me the most.

And while for them of course the hope is to sell product, this event was a gift to anyone who attended.

So for the gift of that afternoon, thanks very much to Geoffrey and Edward.

Their program was the highlight of the show for me.


… and here is a very nice report from Matthias Brötzmann, “the Part Time Audiophile”.

Read it in the original German here.


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