Voxativ is best of Munich show contender

With so many exhibitors at Munich it’s a strong endorsement indeed to be named a “Best of Show contender” by no less than the Absolute Sound. Here’s what they had to say about the Voxativ room:

“Driven by Voxativ’s own electronics, their sound was extraordinarily present, a little lightweight in balance (Astra Suite note : depends on room size/wall material and frontend), but exceptionally open, boxless, and detailed. In the midrange single-driver speakers are nearly impossible to beat for sheer liveliness and life, especially on voice. Oh, the treble may have been a little hot and whizzy depending on cut, though the Ampeggio was surprisingly good on piano, and the bass could’ve been a little fuller. But for their midband realism alone, the Pi and especially the new Ampeggio were BOS contenders.”

Other BOS contender Living Voice also achieved exceptionally good sound. Their speakers alone though cost €450,000. Voxativ’s new Pi is selling for under €10,000. The most affordable Voxativ to date.

It’s notable that should you choose to, you could exchange the Pi’s driver for their top of the range field coil as a future upgrade. The Pi’s own driver is so good though, you’d probably wouldn’t feel the need to.

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