XXHighEnd and Phasure DAC receive Blue Moon award

6Moons have a always been a brave online High-End magazine, never afraid to review equipment that might seem strange, obscure or quirky to some, if that equipment breaks new ground in terms of sound quality. I have been inspired by this aspect of 6Moons and have taken similar risks as a dealer to bring the very best sound available and cutting edge technology to my clients.

For some time I have had a Phasure DAC and XXHighEnd system up and running and it truly does make for an extraordinary source for Computer based audio. I have visited Peter’s home in the Netherlands and listened to his Phasure Asynchronous non-oversampling DAC whilst it was still in development. This was through his own custom built Horn Speakers which are not dissimilar in concept to the Avantgarde Trio system.

I was mightily impressed and decided to order a Phasure USB DAC from him. Since 2011 I have been making a parallel discovery along with Marja and Henk at 6Moons, to discover how to squeeze out the amazing sound which this system is capable of.

As noted by Marja and Henk XXHighEnd and the Phasure DAC system are not for the faint hearted.

Sound Galleries is proud to be one of the few places in the world where you can experience the unique sound and approach of this system for yourself.

If you decide to purchase one of these systems for yourself, I will together with Peter provide you with all the assistance you need to get this system up and running to its optimum performance.

Geoff Armstrong

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